Committed to Fit

Rumor is this 55 year old will be running the 40 yard dash sometime this spring. I’m here to tell you the rumor is true however its more than just running the 40. Its about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at any age. Want to know how to commit to be fit? It requires 3 simple steps.

1)  Make up your mind that your going commit.

No more talking about it, its time to be about it. Get a physical and determine where you are. 

2) Humble your self

Humble yourself because your probably going to be training with someone who is younger than you. You may even think that you know more than they do.

3) Build your team

Place people around you who will help you achieve your goal.  Great accountability partners are always great to have on your team. I hired a nutritionist, trainer  and a chef to be apart of my team.



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