Darrell Green 'Outside The Lines'

There's more to life than just football.

More to Life Than Football

A 7 time Pro-Bowler, 4 time All-Pro, with a pair of Super Bowl rings, and the Hall of Fame Cornerback of the Washington Redskins Darrell Green is the epitome of great. With 20 NFL seasons under his belt, the ‘NFLs Fastest Man’ was a rare breed when it comes to professional athletes. He blanketed some of the best wide receiver to play the game, picked off many legendary quarterbacks, and walked down running backs whom they said couldn’t be caught from behind. When it comes to the game of football, there wasn’t anyone like Darrell Green. The reason being, is with all that talent, and all that room to talk, flash, write his own check, Darrell treated football as an opportunity. To Darrell, there was and is more to life that ‘just’ football, a life outside the lines.

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